Legalities Weddings in Germany

Legal weddings in Germany are possible for couples not residing in the county but it is quite difficult to get this done. To receive a wedding license also greatly depends if the local registration office/Standesamt is willing to accept your applications. Filing fees including all translations and documentation will cost around $1100 and is not included in our wedding packages. Costs may vary if also a location fee is added. Most registration offices are similar to any court house wedding. At some castles, legal weddings are allowed with additional fees for the officiant and use of the location. We can assist with some of the paperwork, however, the actual filing has to be done by the wedding couple. If you absolutely wish to legally marry in Germany you have to have at least 7 months planning time to ensure you will be able to provide all paperwork, translations, and Apostilles that are necessary. We absolutely do not recommend to try for a legal wedding in Germany if you have been previously married. It is already very difficult to receive the permit for first marriages.

For assistance with paperwork for a legal wedding, an additional wedding planning fee will apply. The fee may vary on circumstances and workload.

Legalities Weddings in Austria

Legal weddings in Austria are possible and easier than in Germany. However, Austria will also request some specific paperwork and translations that have to be done by an appointed translator in Austria. We recommend at least 4 months planning time for a wedding in Austria.

Booking Information:

If you wish to book a wedding package or service with us we request either a down payment or a consultation fee depending on your needs. We can not hold a wedding date or services without a confirmed booking and payment.

Wedding packages:

For wedding packages that are custom arranged a non-refundable pre-coordination fee of $1020 will be invoiced to you.  All other services and vendors not affiliated with Events and More Inc. have to be paid in the local currency € Euro. Payment options will depend on the selected vendors and payment options they provide. Your coordinator will inform you when payments are due and what payment options are available.

Consultation and research:

If you need a custom wedding package at a location not currently featured online, we will be happy to assist you. We can help with the planning of any desired location in Germany. It is very time-consuming to custom research locations and vendors. Therefore depending on the size of your wedding, we will ask for a pre-consultation and research fee.  We will research a city or location for you including all basic services like ceremony location, reception location with menu price per person, photographer, flowers and include an estimated cost for those services.

Payments and Contract:

All payments are processed by Events and More Inc. and have to be submitted via credit card with PayPal or your PayPal account.  All payments are nonrefundable upon cancellation. Please be advised that invoices for the pre-coordination or hold the date will be in the currency US $.  All customers will receive our event contract and invoice. We confirm bookings after receiving your payment and the signed contract. The day of the wedding coordination fee or any other additional costs that arise with the planning is due in cash directly to your coordinator unless other agreements have been made with your local wedding planner.