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Weddings in Germany

Where rich history meets exceptional service.

A day like no other: Introducing places in Germany where magical moments and dreams are realized for couples that are looking for a true German Wedding. Embark on a cultural travel, celebrate your special day at historic places and take home memories of a lifetime. Stroll through gardens where past Kings and Queens visited, have your wedding in one of the many castles, enjoy traditional foods, meet locals and experience Germany from the past to present. No matter if you like to visit Bavaria and the Alps, metropolitan cities like Berlin or travel down the Rhine River there are many places to discover and celebrate your wedding.

Weddings in Austria

Majestic mountains and exceptional hospitality.

Austria is rich in culture and offers many locations for a romantic wedding. From castles to cabin weddings, unique places like Swarovski Kristallwelten possibilities and wedding locations are available for any taste or preference. Because the marriage laws in Austria are not as strict as in Germany, legal weddings are possible. We feature a few locations online but we are happy to plan and coordinate your wedding in Austria at a place of your choice.


Planning a wedding away from home:

While some traditions stay the same today’s couples are embracing their unique personalities, preferences, and wishes, to make their wedding their very own. We will help in every aspect to personalize your wedding, find the perfect spot and assist you with all details. When you are planning a wedding away from home a lot of questions will arise and often language barriers are playing a role. We speak fluent German and English and will help you to make your wedding dreams in Germany or Austria come true.


Weddings in Germany – Traditions and wedding customs in Germany:

Germany has many wedding traditions and celebrations can go over 3 days and usually fall on a weekend. Because Church and State are completely separated a civil ceremony is required to legalize a marriage in Germany. Civil ceremonies take place at the local registration office called Standesamt. Because of these regulations, many German couples will have a church wedding or wedding at a location of their choice following the legal ceremony. That day is usually considered the actual wedding day. Friends and family are invited to join the celebration and couples will host a reception. It is currently very difficult and costly for non-German citizens to get legal permission to marry in Germany. Because of those strict regulations, all our weddings in Germany are symbolic.

A fairy tale is coming true.

Weddings in Germany are romantic and full of culture and history. If you have dreamed about a castle wedding surely you will not be disappointed. Be Cinderella for one day and enjoy spectacular settings and have the fairy tale wedding of your dreams. Weddings in Germany make dreams come true.